Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crypticon Recap

Another year at Crypticon has come and gone, and I gotta tell ya, I love this convention more every year. Amazing guests, awesome vendors, and a brilliant artist alley are just a few reasons why I love this show. It feels like a family reunion every year seeing old friends and making so many new ones, including the wonderful celebrities. You wont find a con with more accessible celebrity guests than Crypticon, which you'll see in the photo gallery below...

This year was even better being joined by my con sidekick and contributor to www.thestevestrout.com, Haylee Troncone. If you don't know her yet, you should. She's one of the most talented up and coming cosplayers in the Northwest, and one of my favorite people! Go check her out at www.facebook.com/hayleetronconecosplay and show her some love.

This years Crypticon featured the one and only Elvira, and an Aliens reunion with cast members Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen and sfx artist Alec Gillis...Elvira was her usual charming self, and gave us the extra treat of photo ops IN COSTUME Saturday of con.

As popular as Elvira was, and she was VERY popular, the Aliens crew might have stole the show with Lance Henriksen leading the way being one of the nicest celebrities I've had the pleasure of meeting (They were all class acts). Lance took time with all the fans, and shared tons of stories in conversation and during panels. I wasn't planning on meeting him, but I saw him wearing a friends t-shirt design, so I had to chat him up about it, which turned into multiple conversations throughout the weekend, and being referred to as his buddy! Seriously, a great guy.

 To be completely honest, I had never been a huge fan of the Alien(s) franchise. Not that I didn't like the films. I was just young when exposed and didn't get hooked...Well, after meeting Lance, Michael Biehn and Alec Gillis, I'm running out to grab copies of all the movies.  Being a big an of sfx, I had a blast chatting up Mr. Gillis too. Turns out he made a great film starring Lance Henricksen entitled Harbinger Down, which I plan to review very soon, and hopefully include some comments from Mr. Gillis. Stay tuned for all that.

Speaking of reviews, I'm waiting on another movie screener and have received a novel for review from some creators at Crypticon...More info on that stuff to come...

I also need to add that this year, the cosplay at Crypticon was above and beyond expectations, and you probably know that we're huge supporters of the cosplayers. It had been getting just a little better each year, but it's amazing now! Like I needed more reason to love this convention, right?

Now look at some pictures, and if you know who these cosplayers are, let me know so I can tag them!!

Another one of my show sidekicks, Shayne, with a familiar face

Our friend Tina Rivets as Two Face! Love it!
Check out Tina Rivets on Facebook: HERE

Hanging with horror icon, Tony Todd. Tony also voices Zoom, on CW's the Flash!
This lovely demon. She had wings rigged up to spread when she pulled a string...was pretty neat. Anyone know who she is?
Miseries in Minor Keys were this brilliant acapella group, that wandered the halls entertaining attendees.
Check them out and book them for your next event at miseriesinminorkeys.com
Creepy clowns
My friend and amazing artist, Danielle. She was running an auction to benefit Camp Promise, which provides camps for kids, teens, and adults with muscular dystrophy. You should consider checking out and contributing to the organization. Info at www.camppromise.org. Make sure to have a look at and support her art on www.patreon.com/dmharada 
This kid has entered the makeup contest at Crypticon the last couple years and done some really nice work. This young fella got a future in sfx makeup!
Couple of Negan's...
Trial author, Kurtis Bissel, wearing an Aliens themed Jeffrey Veregge designed t-shirt. I have to get Trials read so I can review it for you guys.
Speaking of Aliens and good costumes...

The man, the legend, the guy that usally has his hand up Alfred Crypticon's bum, Ryan!!! Great dude and fancy dresser!

Crazy Elvira photo op lines!
The lines were worth the wait!
Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira being charming at her panel. She talked about everything from growing up in Kansas, her exposure to halloween costumes at her mom's shop,  working in drag as a teen, and her early days in showbiz and traingin with the Groundlings improv troupe. 
More Elvira being charming signing autographs
Thriller Dance!
Always a pleasure seeing old friends working the conventions. If you don't know CD Poe and his art, check out last weeks Q&A HERE
CD Poe working on a Xenomorph drawing. It turned out amazing! 
Like, really badass!
So good that Alec Gillis loved it. Alec Gillis created Xenomorphs!!! Go check out more of CD Poe's work at www.cdpoe.com
Speaking of Alec Gillis, HAylee caught me chatting him up before the Harbinger Down screening. He is such a fascinating person.
Mingling with Lance Henriksen, post Harbinger Down screening.
Inuki Cosplay's Freddy was second to none! So good. He weathered the outfit, Did his own makeup, and even made his own razor glove! Check it out below.  Show Inuki some love HERE
I don't really know anything about Five Night's At Freddy's, but I know well crafted costumes, and this group nailed it. They did so well, they won the costume contest! Congrats guys.

Another Crypticon in the books, but the coverage doesn't end. As I mentioned, we should have some reviews of a few projects we came across at the convention asap...Stay Tuned. Join us at Crypticon next year!!! It's moving to a different venue, but will still be the same great show! Fingers crossed for Doug Jones appearance...

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