Thursday, May 12, 2016

Comic Book Swap Meet Recap

The Comic Book Swap Meet, our mini con here on the Olympic Peninsula, has come and gone. We did some good things and had a lot of fun. Gathered up a bunch of food for the food bank. Raised some money for the Humane Society too. I would have liked to had seen more cosplayers, but overall, it was an absolute success! Thanks for all the support, and I look forward to doing it again, hopefully in the fall.

As I like to do with my show, is recap it from other folks perspective, so we have a nice little photo gallery from our friend and regular contributor here at, Harold McKenney of H. McKenney Photography. Check him out HERE...and cosplayers, he is looking to fill his portfolio, so get in touch with him for great rates! Enjoy... 

The T.A.R.D.I.S. showed up at the #ComicBookSwapMeet again!!
One of my favorite artists and Northwest convention regular, CD Poe...Check him out at
Local comic seller, James, having a blast!
Me with my crew! We're starting some fun new projects as we speak, so stay tuned!
Beau and Mike with all their vintage books and toys. 
Creator of Torchlight Lullaby, Ryan Fisher. I'm a big fan of this guys work!  The book will be released very soon so reserve a copy!
Rebecca, of Groovy Gals Sew had a bunch of handy geek themed items. I bought a sweet Walking Dead travel bag, so if you see me at a con, check it out. she also has a great Etsy shop at

Little Stevie trying to hustle his books!
Our guest of honor, Mark Rahner! He is a fantastic comic writer, and also one of my favorite radio personalities!, and he can be heard regularly as part of the BJ Shea's Geek Nation Podcast
Indie horror publisher, Alucard Press, anchored by C.S. Anderson, writer of the Black Irish series. More at: Come check them out at Crypticon later in May, which is also our next con (we'll have buttons and stuff at the prior mentioned CD Poe's table)! 
Thanks to Harold for the great pictures. Also a big thank you to C.S. Anderson (Alucard Press) for interviewing yours truly. He is not only a novelist, but he is a regular contributor at our friends at the  Sci Fi Monkey's website, where they also did their own report of the Comic Book Swap Meet! Please show them some support. Check out and share their great recap (and interview with me!!) at Sci Fi Monkey's #ComicBookSwapMeet recap HERE

Crypticon will be our next convention, which takes place May 27th-29th in Seattle. More details at 

As always, thanks for visiting, and if you'd like to contribute to the site, get in touch!!
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