Monday, February 29, 2016

Cool Projects #5

Sorry it's been a bit quiet here. We're gearing up for convention season, while producing our own little con here in Western Washington, the Comic Book Swap Meet. The Comic Book Swap Meet takes place April 30th in Chimacum, Wa. Check it out and spread the word about the Comic Book Swap Meet and tag it with " #ComicBookSwapMeet ".

With that out of the way, hopefully you take a minute to check out these awesome projects we've come across lately...Though a couple of these have reached their crowdfunding goals, they're still pretty cool and worth checking out and supporting! I'm keeping these brief this time around, but don't let it take anything away from these campaigns!

We love cosplay and people who support it here at, so this magazine, Cos Culture Magazine is right up our alley! It's nice to see a publication covering the art and culture of cosplay, and not just cash in on the rising popularity. There's tutorials, interviews, and so much more to this great publication.

Nothing really needs to be said about this project except Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Board Game: IDW's TMNT board game

I love me a funny, geeky webseries, and Journey Quest fits that bill! They've reached their goal for a 3rd season, but the more support they recieve, the better the production will be! Lots of cool rewards too!

Ok, now time for me to get back to work on the Comic Book Swap Meet...Oh and we have some convention coverage from our buddy Jen aka Lady Scarlett coming soon!!

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