Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pretty Good Week

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, away from all media and internet, you've been subjected to all the hype for the Deadpool movie. I try not to buy in to that stuff, and not being overly familiar with the character, I didn't set high expectations. Well, 3 Deadpool screenings later, I'm a fan.

This movie brings absolutely everything a movie needs to entertain a nerd like myself. Humor, violence, nudity, vulgarity, superheroes, comedy and so much more. It's also a movie you can go into with no knowledge of the character and background, though it does help, and enhances some of the references. I love the R rating. To make it more "family friendly" than an R rating would take away the film's charm. I'm having a hard time NOT quoting and talking plot, so I'm going to leave you with, GO SEE DEADPOOL! 

I'm planning my next trip to see Deadpool!

I also hit the theater this past week to see a collection of Oscar nominated animated short films, because who doesn't love a good animated film? There were some great nominees. Very interesting work of varying levels. A couple on par with Pixar work, and some as basic as stick figures. Sometimes less is better, as was the case in this series, with my favorite being the WORLD OF TOMORROW short, by Don Hertzfeldt . Check out a couple clips and trailers:

Here's a couple more:

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