Friday, January 8, 2016

Guest Post: SacAnime recap with Jen Irwin aka Lady Scarlett

SacAnime Winter 2016

This was my second SacAnime experience and it was even better than the last.
This year they had organized the free autograph sessions FAR better than they did for the September 2015 con. Which made it a lot easier for those of us who wanted autographs to traverse.

We got to meet Dameon Clarke (Handsome Jack from Borderlands, and Cell from Dragonball Z) He ordered me to play Borderlands, which was funny and wrote ‘To Laura, I am awesome, Handsome Jack” on my sister’s poster.
The Artist Alley was more organized and the tables were numbered better so you could find your favorites. 
The layout was great and kept the flow of traffic moving without too much issue.

We got to visit with 10nant Cosplay and his TARDIS, as well as see Miss Alphabet and visit with the Sperels at their tables.However, the highlight of the day for me was being able to meet Doug Jones, Noah Wyle, Chris Sarandon and Ken Page. These were just a few of the guests they had, but I had to limit myself to what I could afford.

Doug Jones was an absolute delight to interact with, he gave tons of hugs and was so wonderful to his fans, sat and chatted with them and signed items.
Ken Page and Chris Sarandon were fabulous, such fun to talk with for a few minutes.
Noah Wyle was so great, we sat and chatted with him for over 20 minutes about things like The Librarians and Falling Skies, as well as his coworkers on The Librarians. He spoke so highly of his fellow actors, it was really awesome.

The best part of all of the celebrity interactions though, was that they ALL engaged my 8 year old daughter in the conversations, Noah chatted with her about school and reading awards she has received, also her brothers. He talked about his kids and even gave her a hug.

This was honestly one of my best experiences at a convention.
The staff was helpful and awesome, the guests were all wonderful and the vendors and artists were pleasant.
I cannot wait til September for the next one!"

Check out these other fun pictures from the show!!!

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