Thursday, August 20, 2015

Comic Review: We(L)come Back

Just finished reading the first book (of four) of the Boom Studios mini series, WELCOME BACK, and I'm itching to find the next issue!
So far were introduced to the main characters Mali and Tessa. Mali, a young woman who is struggling to find herself while struggling with her past and crazy nightmares which all seem to be about some kind of battle. Tessa is introduced in the midst of what appears to be a hit, like an assassin, only to find out that the two women have some kind of connection to each other.

I really dig how the writer uses Mali and Texas's iner monologue to introduce us to their character and conflict with simplicity, therefore allowing you to invest yourself in these characters and their story easier. I've been bored away from comics and books due to slow character development in the past. Definitely not a problem in this case. Well done! The great storytelling along with top flight artwork, make this a must read and one of's intriguing new series.

Obviously I took it upon myself to research the story more and get a better grasp on what's going on, but I'm not going to spoil it. Go find WELCOME BACK! I think it's gonna be a fun one.

This creator owned book is written by Chris Sebela (Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel), and absolutely complimented by the art of Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (Critical Hit, Imaginary Drugs) and published by Boom Studios.

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