Sunday, January 4, 2015

Comic Review: The Double Life Of Miranda Turner

Review by Steve Strout
I really enjoy supporting indie and creator owned projects, so I was more than happy to check out the latest issue of The Double Life Of Miranda Turner issue #5 from MonkeyBrain Comics. This is my first delve into this particular title, so here's what I get from it. I know, I'm not the usual review guy, but I really liked this fun little comic.

First off, I really enjoyed the writing. Written by Jamie Rich,  it seems like the book is aimed at a younger audience, but the story is well written and brilliantly illustrated enough to keep me interested, though more than a few have referred to me as a big kid. This is definitely a "fun for all ages" story.

Like I said, this is my first experience with the series, so my take on the plot is this:

The story follows Miranda Turner, who has taken over the secret identity of her superhero sister, Lindy aka The Cat, who had been murdered. Miranda has taken over the helm as the Cat and is searching for her sister's killer, with the help of Lindy's ghost. I thought that was a really cool and original idea, personally.  In this issue #5 she encounters another superhero ally of the original Cat who assumes she killed and stole the identity. Miranda refuses to tell her she is actually the original Cat's sister and a fight ensues between them until the real villains show up leading to a team up. I really liked the main story line of the search for the Cat's killer, but running in to unique bad guys to keep the hero's on their toes.

The art in this book is bold, colorful, and right to the point. The art isn't over done, and it absolutely compliments the writing. I think artist, George Kambadais tells the story in his drawing, perfectly!

This issue will be released this week on Comixology, so pick it up there, or go check out MonkeyBrain Comics. I checked out their site really fast, and for a smaller publisher, they have a heck of a lineup of creators on the roster. Their other books have to be great!

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