Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Comic Book Swap Meet final guest revealed!

With the Comic Book Swap Meet just around the corner, I figured its a good time to announce our final guest:

I've been mentioning a "Walking Dead" announcement for the Comic Book Swap Meet, so it brings me great pleasure to finally announce a special guest joining us...a special Walker guest!

We will be joined on January 31st , by actor William S Hart. William Hart is an Atlanta based actor, who dabbles in special effects makeup. He has been in several highly rated television shows and indie films, and is a veteran on the convention circuit, having appeared at the prestigious Dragon Con, Walker Stalker Con, along with many other "nerd" cons.

William has portrayed numerous "Walkers" on the Walking Dead. He most notably portrayed the Walker that bit Herschel Greene's leg, causing him to lose it in the season 3 premiere.
Be sure to come to the Comic Book Swap Meet and meet this great up and coming actor. He will be available for photos and signing stuff for Walking Dead fans throughout the day. Bring that W.D. merch for him to sign, and he will probably have awesome prints for sale too!

Don't worry, he won't promises though.

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I will be at Wizard World Portland so track me down and say hi! Hope to see some of you in Portland and at the Comic Book Swap Meet!!!
Thanks, Steve!

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