Friday, February 26, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 19: Women In Horror Month 2021

We celebrate Women In Horror Month on The Steve & Crypto Show, by featuring a few super talented creators and performers from the horror genre. We're joined by actress Julie Anne Prescott (, who's growing credit list includes Amityville Harvest and 13 Slays til Xmas. Be sure to keep up on her latest films on her imdb page. 

Stephanie Malone, podcaster and EIC of stopped by to tell us about her amazing site and new show. Swing by their for lots of great reviews and commentary on all things horror. 

We were also visited by writer/filmmaker/Horror Host extraordinaire Reyna Young aka the Horror Host Miss Misery. She is promoting a spooky yet fun children's book called The Pumpkin Man Of Hallow Falls, which you can find details on this book and her other endeavors at

I wanna give a special thanks to my good friend Meagan Richards for filling in for Crypto on this episode. She is a talented artist herself that specializes in horror themed paintings and her insect designs. Please visit her shop at

Hopefully you caught our last episode, where we discussed the indie horror film Intrusion: Disconnected with the writer Craig Everett Earl, and the star of the film, Katie Stewart. She is another talented actress we should be celebrating during Women In Horror Month and beyond!

Don't you worry, Crypto Zoo will be back on the air, he had some technical issues, which about sums up the whole month for both of us, and also why this episode was so delayed! 

We hope you enjoy it and check out the work these and many other women are putting out there in the horror world. Celebrate them, not only this month, but year round! 

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