Friday, February 5, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 16

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In Episode 16 of The Steve & Crypto Show, we discuss 'what's happenin' in the #PopCulture in recent days including some new movies in the works and more. We also launch our promo segment, where we will bring on a creator to pitch their idea or project to listeners (and Steve & Crypto). 

This episode we are featuring the NIGHT OF THE HORRORPHILE podcast. You can find their show wherever you listen to podcasts and at If you're working on a project, or have one you are currently promoting, reach out! Whether its a movie, comic book, novel, game, or selling art, we want to hear about it and possibly share it with our listeners. Oh, and we want to come.uo woth a catchy name for this segment, so send us suggestions.

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