Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Crypticon Seattle 2017 Preview #1

Crypticon is right around the corner, May 5-7 to be precise, so as a mini preview, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you all to a few friends of this site who'll be on hand at Crypticon. Some are vendors, some artists, and a guest or two that have interacted here with us at thestevestrout.com...Hope to see you at Crypticon!

CD Poe: is an artist and friend to thestevestrout.com that specializes in monster and pinup style fantasy art who is rapidly becoming a convention favorite in the Northwest. Check out our interview from last year with CD Poe HERE

Roy Wooley

Roy Wooley: Is a renowned special effects and makeup artist, and an all time favorite contestant on the SyFy show Face Off, which spotlights the makeup and sfx side of the entertainment industry in a competitive setting. Roy has been a contestant on Face Off multiple times and was gracious enought to give us an interview at Crypticon a few years back when he visited. Go re-read it HERE 

Alucard Press: Alucard Press is a wonderful indie publisher based in the Northwest, best known for their acclaimed BLACK IRISH vampire series. Get more info on Alucard Press and their top writer, C.S. Anderson on their Facebook page>>>> www.facebook.com/Alucardpressblackirish/

Dark Dee Lights: Dark Dee Lights is a Crypticon institution, bringing her spooky ornaments and collectibles to the convention for years. Be sure to look up their Facebook page HERE and check out her booth at Crypticon on May 5-7th!!!

I'm working on another Crypticon preview for you all, so I hope to see you all at Crypticon. We'll be there with a pocket full of thestevestrout.com zombie pins too so say hi!

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