Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Q&A With Marvel Jessica Jones and CW's Arrow Actor, Wil Traval

photo credit: Brianna Alysse
I'm really excited to have been able to get connected with this next interview guest. Though it's a brief Q&A, it's a nice introduction to an actor who I believe will be a household name, before you know it. Enjoy this nice little Q&A with Wil Traval. Mr. Traval stars as Officer Simpson on the hit Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones. He's also appeared recently on Arrow and will have a role in the final season of NBC's Grimm. Those are three of my favorite shows, so I was pretty stoked about this one. Enjoy.

TheSteveStrout: Congrats on being one of the few actors to appear on DC and Marvel shows, having played Officer Simpson on Jessica Jones and Human Target on Arrow. How's it feel to be on that short list of talented actors?

Wil Traval: I am honored to be one of very few.

TheSteveStrout: Were you a fan of these companies products or comic books in general? 

Wil Traval:Of course. I have always enjoyed the Marvel Comics Universe and Arrowverse. 

TheSteveStrout: What were some of the characters you were into?

Wil Traval: Jean Grey. I had a big time crush on her when I was a kid. Actually, I still do.

TheSteveStrout: How about Christopher Chance aka The Human Target? Any word on whether or not he'll be recurring on Arrow?

Wil Traval: I can only only hope. The entire cast and crew of Arrow are delightful to work with and I would be thrilled to see Christopher Chance return.
photo credit: Brianna Alysse

TheSteveStrout: Other than Arrow and Jessica Jones, you've appeared on a bunch of other great shows like CSI, Dexter (a personal favorite), and Leverage. What have been some of your personal favorite roles?
Wil Traval: I have to admit, I do get a small sadistic pleasure out of playing Sheriff of Nottingham on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. 

TheSteveStrout: Who or what inspired you to get in to acting? 

Wil Traval: I was working with old class mates on short films and discovered I was passionate about pretending.

TheSteveStrout: Have you been able to relate on a personal level to any characters you've portrayed?

Wil Traval: Every character I portray requires me to be able to relate to them personally. Otherwise I sacrifice authenticity. 

TheSteveStrout: Can you share one of your favorite experiences in your acting career? (maybe someone you worked with, or a lesson learned)

Wil Traval: My favorite experience to date, purely for the fun factor, was the fight scene between Simpson and Jessica. It was a stunt filled, set crushing hoot. 
photo credit: Netflix

TheSteveStrout: Any projects coming soon that you can mention and excited about?

Wil Traval: I am currently working in Portland, Oregon on the set of NBC's Grimm. I can't disclose any details, but I will say my character has a huge impact on all the characters.

TheSteveStrout: A lot of my readers, and myself, are big into the comic and pop culture convention scene. Have you gotten involved in that market yet? Thoughts?

Wil Traval: I have been to one convention and had an absolute blast. It was so exciting to see hordes of passionate people enjoying that world.

TheSteveStrout: Where on social media can fans follow your career and connect with you?

Wil Traval: Fans can find me on Instagram @wiltraval9 and on Twitter @WilTraval

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