Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Clallam Bay Comic Con recap links from Donna Barr and Dara Korra'ti

Though thestevestrout.com couldn't attend the Clallam Bay Comic Con, we'd appreciate if you would take a few minutes to check out CBCC recaps from our friends, Donna Barr and Dara Korra'ti.

Donna Barr is the host of the Clallam Bay Comic Con and a veteran in the comic book world, being known for such acclaimed titles as  Stinz and The Desert Peach. More info on Donna can be found on her site at www.donnabarr.blogspot.com/. Donna's Clallam Bay Comic Con report can be found here: Clallam Bay Comic Con Report

Dara Korra'ti tours conventions, and geek culture events performing her brand of whats been referred to as "hardcore folk" music under that name Crime and the Forces of Evil. You can find her original tunes at www.crimeandtheforcesofevil.com...She also did her own great recap of the Clallam Bay Comic Con! It sounded like a nice time...Check it out here

Where going to put our best effort in to getting out to the coast for this show next year, and I'd suggest taking a road trip out as well.

Do you have any fun conventions (big or small) in your area that you'd like to share a recap with everyone? Get in touch! We'd love to have you do a guest post. We are also looking for media reviewers for stuff like comic books, tv, movies, video games, and whatever else you geek out for...

Enjoy Donna and Dara's CBCC recaps! Thanks, Steve!

Steve Strout is the media mastermind (haha) behind this site, host of the Comic Book Swap Meet, nerd, terrible artist, gamer, convention goer and comic book reader who spends more time rescuing toys from thrift shops than a normal adult should. He is also known around the northwest for his promotion of live music and stand-up comedy events and is the creator/producer of the Comic Book Swap Meet mini convention, and Olympic Peninsula Comedy Competition (which will make it's big return in 2015). Follow him on Instagram at http://instagram.com/thestevestrout, and  He can be reached for comments at ptcomedy@yahoo.com on twitter at @thestevestrout