Thursday, June 18, 2015

Anglicon, PNWSFX and more...

Anglicon, a convention featuring Doctor Who and other British media made its return to Seattle after an extended hiatus to a great response...We have a handful of great shots from the show.

Before we get to those, I'd like to mention PNSWFX. PNWSFX is a little group I'm involved in. We basically build and craft props and collectibles for everyone from cosplayer to fanboy/girl and more. We happen to specialize in building "TARDIS themed" items. We had just been happening to finish up a couple pieces that were perfect to show to the Anglicon audience. The convention was gracious enough to set us up a table, and I'm pretty sure the attendees liked us.

The most exciting part of it all was getting a PNWSFX group photo with the guest of honor, Colin Baker, better known as the Sixth Doctor! He even let us bring our box in the photo, and yes he loved our work.

The Sixth Doctor with our cabinet and the PNWSFX crew!

This was my first time meeting any of theDoctors, and as a Doctor Who Fan , it was pretty exciting! I checked out Colin's panel, and he was very entertaining, wise, and hilarious. He gave great answers to all the fan questions, and talked about other projects like appearances on Star Trek Continues (Vic Mignogna's web series which continues the Star Trek Original Series mission). One this that really stood out to me from his panel was a bit of advice he shared as follows: "You only get one bite of this grapefruit called life, so make it a big bite!"-Colin Baker...Basically, make your life matter. Set and achieve your goals. Aim high. Follow Mr. Baker on Twitter too : @sawboneshex

Hopefully you can find the time to check out PNWSFX (, and maybe we can do some work for you! Check out a few pics from the con...

Our buddy from Crypticon Seattle, Alfred came by the table to hang out a bit!. It's always nice running into familiar faces at conventions! Good seeing ya, Alfred!

I seem to keep running into this Dalek at shows too! 

As if one Dalek isn't enough! EXTERMINATE!!

Our friend and PNWSFX teammate, Haylee Trocone as the Tenth Doctor! 
This was one of the coolest damn things I've ever seen! DON'T BLINK!

Great costume, Capt. Jack

Lots of smiling faces at Anglicon! Hope to see more next year if they'll have us back! GO FOLLOW HER! 

I'm hoping to dig up more pictures for your viewing pleasure. This was a fun con and I hope it grows into something special. For now, keep spreading the word about and our affiliates (Haylee and PNWSFX). Thanks to Michael Beckman for a few of the photos. Next show I will be at is Galacticon. A celebration of Battlestar Galactica! Very excited to see some old friends there!

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