Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 Crypticon Seattle recap

I got a little behind on getting this posted, but here goes.

Every year I attend and cover a lot of conventions, but Crypticon is always one of my favorites. Words can't explain how fun the show is, but I hope these pictures can give you an idea of how great a convention it is. Sadly I only attended one day, but as you can see, a lot happens in one day! Enjoy!

The road trip to Crypticon with my sidekick for the day, Haylee. She cosplayed Abaddon from Supernatural. Pretty Damn good, I must say! Go follow her on Facebook. 

The barista called me the wrong name. I was Stew for the day 😢

I love what I do!

I always dig the hearse lineup at Crypticon!

Beetlejuice and Lydia (I think that's her name in the movie)

Great crowd this year!

Always nice chatting with Denise Crosby. She's so sweet to the fans!

The star of one of my all time favorite horror flicks, Dawn of the Dead, the one and only Ken Foree!
Checking out my buddy RJ Haddy's panel. If ya missed it a couple weeks ago, here's the interview we did: 
This kid's costume was rad...

Nice makeup job!

I'm becoming a big fan of these two! The Soska sisters! Jen and Sylvia are two of the best in the horror biz. True artists. 

Eloise Knapp! One of the best horror writers around! Go check her out. We interviewed recently 

Check out this beautiful broken doll makeup on the lovely
Always nice getting to hang with my buddy, the lovely Jessica Cameron! If you don't know her you should! She's ,hands down, one of the hardest workers in the movie biz. Watch out for her latest project, Mania, to be released later this year...For now, follow her on Twitter!  Check out Jessica Cameron  

More friends...comic artist and radio host Mark Rahner, and the Rev en Fuego from the BJ Shea Geek Nation podcast!

My crew at the show! I already introduced you to Haylee Troncone, so you should be following her already on her cosplay page. The other is Michael B. He takes occasional photos for us, and is almost as nice a guy as I am...

The next convention I will be at is Anglicon. It's going to be all about Doctor Who and British media! I'm really looking forward to this one because my PNWSFX ( crew will have a table at the show to show off some of our "tardis inspired" handy work! If your in Seattle the weekend on June 12-14th, come check it out. for more info.
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