Monday, April 13, 2015

Guest Post from Sukotto Creator, Scott Adams: Fan Expo Vancouver, BC 4/3-4/5, 2015

Fan Expo, April 3-5th, 2015
Hi everyone, Scott Adams here. Steve has been gracious enough to allow me to write a little something about my recent expedition to a con held by our neighbors to the north, Fanexpo Vancouver. I had not planned on going to Vancouver for this convention, in fact I was going up to see some family that was visiting the area. I actually found out about Fanexpo about a week and a half before the event. I thought I would see if tickets were available, not really holding my breath. If you don’t get tickets early for many conventions you are just out of luck. I was very pleased to purchase not one, but five tickets for Saturday, I could have gone longer, but family commitments come first. I also wasn’t a very good reporter and did not snap many pictures. I rarely do when I go to cons, and at the time I wasn’t thinking I would be reporting on this, but here we are; limited pictures for you to look at, my apologies. Next time I will be better prepared.

Scott Adams is the creator of the independant comic book, ‘Sukotto’. He would rather spend all his time following his dream of breaking into the comic industry and brining Sukotto to all the peoples of the world, but alas as he says “I gots bills to pay!” He also likes to eat so he has to do grown up crap and work and other stupid responsible stuff. You can check out more Sukotto at (in fact he would really appreciate it if you do, especially if you buy stuff!).