Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Comic Review: Wild's End

Wild's End review by Joe David Thompson
If combining the sensibilities of the sci fi classic War of the Worlds with the aesthetic of The Fantastic Mr. Fox sounds appealing, then you're going to love my favorite book of this past week, Wild's End.

Wild's End is the latest miniseries from acclaimed comic writer Dan Abnett (the mastermind of Guardians of the Galaxy), bringing us some very British talking animals living a quaint life in the English countryside, only to have their quiet life torn asunder with the arrival (invasion?) of an alien craft.  

Maybe on paper it sounds like something completely predictable, but what makes Wild's End so enjoyable is its charm and humor.  Abnett brings us some wonderful characters, whether it's Fawkes, the town drunk and a fox, Gilbert the rabbit and town solicitor, or Peter the reporter.  We even get the haunted Mr. Slipaway, a dog troubled by his time in the military.  It all gels into a portrait of a life soon to be faced with trouble.  Boom Studios describes the interplay of characters as recalling Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's Cornetto Trilogy, and their not far off at that. 

Artist INJ Culbard delivers some goregous art.  Most notable in his pages is how he captures the emotions of the text, all on the faces of talking animals.  No small feat indeed.  What could end up more cartoonish is actually quite grounded and wonderful.

On a personal note: I just wanted to thank Steve for his patience during my absence over the past weeks.  My mother passed away suddenly, and while I'm still dealing with miscellaneous family matters, it's good to be back on the comic review beat. 

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