Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comic Book Reviews: Grayson #1 and The United States Of Murder Inc. #3

Grayson issue #1 review by Joe David Thompson
After his secert identity as Nightwing was revealed in "Forever Evil," Dick Grayson joined a secret spy organization.  This is the simple, yet fun conceit behind DC's latest series, titled Grayson.  Written Tim Seeley, co-creator of Hack/Slash, and Tom King, a former CIA opeations officer, Grayson quickly drops readers into this cloak and dagger world.  Dick is known as Agent 37, an agent of Spyral, sent to bring in a superhuman with extraordinary powers.  The problem is, Spyral isn't the only one interested in this man and his abilities.  

Seeley and King weave an espionage tale, full of action, that hits all the expected notes of a spy movie without ever feeling like a cliched bouquet of tropes.  I personally loved this new direction for this character.  There's a real sense of mystery as to what Dick's really up to, and there's an exciting cameo from a favorite character of mine that I won't spoil.  Artist Mikel Janin delivers pencils worthy of the action films Grayson is surely modeled upon.  

The United States Of Murder Inc. issue #3 review by Joe David Thompson
THis week also brought the third issue in one of favorite new series, Bendis and Oeming's The United States of Murder, Inc.  This issue expands the world of the book, giving readers a larger glimpse at just what happened between the mob and the government. We meet the heads of the different families, and learn just how fragile their relationships are.  

Jagger Rose gets an awesome chance to kick a little ass, laying numerous agents to waste before they can take her out.  My least favorite parts deal with Valentine's method of finding release, which is meant as a humorous attempt to lighten the mood, but just sticks out like it doesn't belong in this book. The mood and tone of this book is one of the things that drew me to it on the first place.  Still, I love this book and you should be reading it. 

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