Friday, July 25, 2014

An awesome Kickstarter project and the Comic Book Swap Meet

We're just a month away from the Comic Book Swap Meet! If you live in western Washington, you don't want to miss it! Check out the event listing on Facebook to keep up on the latest info about the show...

There's going to be so much going on at our little convention in the woods. We have a plethora of great area artists doing sketches and selling their work. Special guests like cosplayer Karen Sakai, and comic book creator and artist Donna Barr (who also partially inspired the Comic Book Swap Meet with her success of the Clallam Bay Comic Con). You can get your picture taken with a TARDIS! Test your knowledge of nerdiness and pop culture with the Free Book Dude (aka writer Josh Cook). There'll be a Magic the Gathering. Anime, Comics, Toys, and more!! I definitely can't forget to mention our guest of honor, renowned comic artist, Matthew Southworth! Mr. Southworth is known for his work on the Stumptown series, as well as Spider Man and the Punisher...Don't forget, we are doing this for a handful of great local causes like the local food bank and Little League!!!

If there's enough pre show interest, we are going to have a cosplay contest, with an awesome nerdy prize pack for the winner, so be sure to get over to the event page and let us know that you want in the contest. We might just have a space to use as a panel room if anyone has any great ideas for a panel. Pitch any panel ideas on the event page as well! We do have a few comic dealer tables still available. Contact me for details. Stay tuned for more info and show announcements, and the show lineup is always subject to change.

On to other matters...

I recently stumbled across a great indie comic project entitled Stabb Gunner on Kickstarter. If you don't know about Kickstarter, you should probably come out of the cave you've been hiding in. Kickstarter is a crowd funding site where independant creators can fund projects with the help of pledges from backers. Basically they set a monetary goal, and if its reached within a certain period, they receive the funding. Go learn more at their site. I'm not promoting Kickstarter, but I am promoting this Stabb Gunner project on Kickstarter!   

I managed to get ahold of the online version of the first issue thanks to co-creator Courtland Ellis, and was very impressed. First of all I have to mention the artwork. This book is one of the most vibrant and absolutely professional looking indie comics I've seen. The art is solid and vibrant.Very detailed, but not overdone. It's tied together with great writing by Joseph Krzemienski. There's a really unique and clever video game feel to the comic.

The story, so far, is based aroung this character Stabb Fisticuffs. In a short time, we find out through writer and colorist Joseph Krzemienski, that he is a complex character with what sounds like a dark past as a possible assasin or ninja. He's converted to being a monk and has been laying low in  peaceful Sleeping Baby Dragon sanctuary, until trouble finds him. I'm not going to divulge too much of the plot as i am just getting into the book, but I do encourage you to give it a shot and hopefully support the project on Kickstarter. I'm personally following the project, and plan on doing an interview with the creators to pick their brains about Stabb Gunner.

I don't normally do the comic reviews here on, but as we all know, I love supporting great projects, films, art, and creators, a Stabb Gunner really fits that bill. Keep on the lookout for Q&A's with the creators, and be sure to take a look at a preview of the project at of all enjoy!

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