Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick Crypticon photo recap, giveaways, and more...

 Crypticon has come and gone and again, and  I have pics to share with you, but first...

I just want to remind everyone about the giveaways/promotional stuff were doing. First of all, If you havent read it yet, check out the interview I did with IDW cover artist, Jeffrey Veregge here: ..Jeffrey was kind enough to set me up with a couple AUTOGRAPHED limited edition prints of his Judge Dredd cover he designed for IDW Publishing. Once we hit a certain number or readers, I will be selecting a random follower of both Jeffrey at and myself at , so be sure to share and retweet the Interview. There will also be giveaways once we hit 800 followers on twitter and 200 memebers of the Comic Book Swap Meet Facebook group simultaneously. You can link to that group here:

Speaking of interviews...I had the pleasure of doing a little Q&A session with Roy Wooley. Roy Wooley is a makeup and special fx artist, probably best known for his appearances on the SyFy network show FaceOff. He was gracious enough to put aside time for us, and was a really nice guy. Keep an eye out for the interview to be posted within the next week.

Now here's those Crypticon photos I promised. I usually take more pictures, but unfortunately was only able to make the show for one day. If you follow me on twitter, which you should be, you have probably seen some of these pictures already...

This was such a cool cosplay! I probably
should have gotten this guys info to share.
This was the bigfoot costume used in a movie being filmed. They were doing promo at Crypticon. I actually won a bigfoot prize pack in a raffle!
Walking Dead fans will get why this is cool and/or creepy!!
I want to give a big shoutout to Erik Albidress, who won this years Crypticon makeup contest. I've always been so fascinated by movie make up/SFX. Makes me wish I had some talent! Go friend him. I see a bright future for this guy. Sorry I didn't get a better photo.

Me being a dork, trying to make out with a Dalek
The lovely and talented Jessica Cameron. Follow her on Twitter she is one of the busiest tweeters ever. Ask her about the rad jewelry she makes too!

Zach Galligan aka Billy of Gremlins fame! He rocks the tweets too:   

The one and only Doug Jones. You might know him better as Abe Sapien from the Hellboy films, the silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Pan's Labrynth. He is probably the nicest celebrity on the convention scene! No con is complete without a Doug Jones hug. Doug is another great tweeter

Last but not least...My new buddy Reggie Lee. Reggie was in the film Drag Me to Hell, and probably best known for his role as Sgt. Wu on the NBC series Grimm!! I really dig that show!! Shoot Reggie a tweet too: Be sure to tell him your a friend of mine!

Like I said, I  unfortunately only managed to make it to the convention the one day, so there weren't as many photos as usual. If more turn up, you know I will share them with you all.
 Next year I'm going the whole weekend again. I'm not missing a minute of the show! If your in the Seattle area next May, you should come too. Crypticon is a blast. Keep and eye on their site to stay up to date.

Before I wrap this up, I just want to remind you to watch for the Roy Wooley interview, and to keep on sharing so I can give away these prizes!!

Also, if anyone is going to the Spokane Comicon this Saturday May 31st, and want to do a guest post about the event, send me a tweet or email me at . I'd like to share some coverage of this great growing event!

Love ya all,