Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Interview with SyFy FaceOff's Roy Wooley...

I'm really excited to share this Roy Wooley interview I promised in the last post. I'm a big fan of the SyFy network show FaceOff, and Roy Wooley has been my all time favorite contestant, so I was really stoked when he agreed to take a few minutes for me last weekend at Crypticon. Here is my Q&A with Roy Wooley! Enjoy!
Roy Wooley and Me
TheSteveStrout: Have you ever been to Seattle before?

Roy Wooley: Never been to Seattle before. This is my first time, and IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I had an uncle that got transferred here in the Air Force and never left, and I understand why now.

TSS: It's a beautiful area. I moved here from the east coast, and can't leave.

RW: I understand. If and when I retire, this is where I'm gonna retire to...screw Florida.

TSS: Tell me about your background in art. Did you always do makeup and special effects, or did you start painting or something?

A quick makeup Roy did
at Crypticon
RW: Actually I started out just drawing and painting, and then sculpting became another medium because I got tired of just drawing and painting. The sculpting and the monsters came into that. Ya know, I've always liked the different types of mediums. I've done it all man. I've done everything from decorating cakes to blowing glass.

TSS: You're probably really bussy doing the special effects and this kind of stuff (the convention scene). Do you still find time to paint?

RW: Not very often. I find some time to sketch now and then, whenever I have an idea and I just want to sketch it out and things like that. I don't get to do much 2D art, but I still enjoy it when i do.

TSS: What inspired you to get into film and special effects?

RW: The movie An American Werewolf In London. The transformation scene. I know that scene has created more effects artist than any scene in history, but yeah, that's what got me wanting to do this.

TSS: How long have you been doing this?

A Roy Wooley original
RW: Professionally about 16 years, but I've been interested in it for like the last 30.

TSS: How or has being on the SyFy show boosted your career?

RW: It's been a reallybeen a really big boost. It's gotten my work out there. People could see my work, and see that I can do stuff. I can do more than just Halloween stuff. I mean, the Halloween industry has been fantastic to me, but some people think thats all that you can do. They need to know that you can do more, so FaceOff has been huge.

TSS: We saw on FaceOff that your work ethic is crazy. The stuff you fabricated and put together was ridiculous (in a good sense). Has that always been your style and ethic?

RW: Yeah. I've always thought that if a director asks for X and Y and you give him X, Y, and Z, that the next time that they're gonna look for somebody, they're gonna come to you. They know you're going to give more thanwhat they're asking for. Your gonna give 100%.

TSS: What kind of advice would you give to an aspiring makeup artist or effects artist?

Roy busy doing his thing.
RW: Practice. Find out what your passion is whether is special effects or any kind of art, and just practice at it until you get good. We got too many people that just want to jump in without knowing what they're doing, and they fail at it, and don't know why they fail. So, yeah, just practice practice practice.

TSS: I've taken enough of your time, so were gonna wrap this up. Before we do, is there anything interesting you want to add, anything to plug, or is there anything cool you have coming up?

RW: Yeah, if you want to see more of my work and see where I'm appearing at check out my website at

I can't thank Roy enough for taking the time for this chat with me. It was also my first in person interview, so It was extra exciting for me! Be sure to check out this super talented artist's website , and follow him on Facebook and Twitter! If he ever appears at a convention near you, go say hello for me!

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