Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm a nerd...I'm proud to be a nerd...Shit, its actually cool to be a nerd now!

Remember when being a nerd wasn't so cool? I do! I remember being in grade school and if you were the nerd, ya caught Shit for it! You would be bullied and abused by your classmates, other kids, and even friends and family. I personally wasn't picked on, but I saw what was going on. Hell, I might have even picked on a classmate or two myself (regrettably so).

Then at one point it stopped. I didn't hear the word nerd or dork or geek for years, then all of a sudden these words were back.... They had a whole different meaning now. People were calling themselves these words, and with pride! Being a nerd is cool now. It's kind of funny to me, the fact that we consider ourselves nerds now for loving the things that we grew up on like comic books, scary movies, video games, collecting baseball cards, and so much more. We even find reasons to dress up like superheroes on days other than halloween! Even though I was a little dickhead and called uncool kids nerds, I still love all the same Shit I did as a little kid, and I call myself a nerd today....who woulda ever thought it.

Enough rambling about that silliness...

Now I will bore you with what I've been up to and got planned for the near future....which of course I will type during commercials during this History channel documentary about the history of zombies. Did I mention that I love zombie flicks? Most horror bores me nowadays, but you can't beat a good movie about the dead walking the earth and eating the living! Speaking of zombies, last week I made it to zomBcon in Seattle. Unfortunately I only made it for one day because I had to work. I will be there the whole weekend next year, but I will post a few pics and words about it in my next blog. I managed to do a little research at zomBcon and online for a writing project I'm starting. I'm going to write my first screenplay. It's gonna be a long process, considering any prior writing experience has been jokes for comedians. It's going to be a very b-movie "troma-esque" horror/comedy zombie movie. Who would have thought it with my love of zombie movies and background in comedy eh? Haha I will keep everyone posted on the script progress.

I gotta run now...I got the new Beavis and Butt-head on the DVR.

Thanks for listening, and if you want me to ramble about anything in particular, let me know. Talk to ya soon and I love you all!