Thursday, March 26, 2020

Cool Projects #35

I'm baaaaaack! Again! Sorry it's been so long. It's been a rough couple months in my world, so had to take the back burner.  Let's hope to keep things a bit more active here from now on. If you're interested in contributing to the site, get in touch and let me know what youre thinking!

Anyways, let's get in to Cool Projects #35, starting with a new game in development from Renegade Games Studio for Oni Press.

Based on popular graphic novel series, JUNIOR BRAVES OF THE APOCALYPSE (Oni Press), Renegade Games has developed an RPG based on the Kids On Bikes games mechanics. In the JUNIOR BRAVES RPG you'll play as the kids and battle zombies. Sounds like a good time!

To make it more appealing, JUNIOR BRAVES writer, Greg Smith, describes the RPG as "Goonies meets the Walking Dead". That's a pretty awesome comparison.

The JUNIOR BRAVES OF THE APOCALYPSE RPG should be available for pre-order at game stores towards the end of April and available to buy at the end of May. Sounds fun!

Another awesome project of which I wanted to mention sooner is a crowdfunded comic book crossover event from Dynamite Comics. I was hoping to mention before this was fully funded, but still think it was worth the mention.

Cover art courtesy of Dynamite Comics
We mentioned a while back that Vampirella is celebrating its 50th. Another series, BLACK & WHITE, has reached a milestone too! Art Thibert's creator owned comic hits 25 years old this year. To celebrate, a crossover event from legendry comic creator Art Thibert and Dynamite Comics bring together BLACK & WHITE with the iconic VAMPIRELLA for a special variant cover for Vampirella #1 re-issue. Multiple variations of this will be available.

This one will be pretty limited and only available through this INDIEGOGO campaign found at!&utm_content=7469251_CONS%20Art%20Thibert%20Funded!&utm_term=1292947_Dynamite%20Customers#/ The campaign goal has ben reached, but you still have time to reserve your copy!

A project of my own, is less a project, but a series of posts to help you all through this scary time. The Covid-19 virus has put a lot of people out of work (myself included), and left with a lot of time on their hands, while home socially distancing themselves.

Personally, I go stir crazy, so to keep us distracted I'm looking for ideas to keep us all busy. I'm posting a series of lists and ideas to spend the down time, for example, this recent list:

How are you distracting yourselves? Shoot me some ideas. Wanna write an article on the geeky ways you're dealing with social distancing during this pandemic? I'd love to share your thoughts here. I'm even open to just chat, if you're bored.

Please practice safe habits. Wash your hands. Stay out of crowds. Be well. Thanks as always for listening.

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