Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cool Projects #12

Thanks again for returning for another edition of our "Cool Projects" series. In #12 we have a couple creator owned comics that we think you'll enjoy as well as a crowd funding campaign for a movie that NEEDS to be made (in our opinion)! As always, enjoy and share!

Comic creator Todd Rayner sent us a review copy of his creator owned series, 'Icepick'. This book focuses on a costumed vigilante called 'Icepick'. 'Icepick' has what seems to be a mystical power to harness energy as a weapon, and a relentless ferocity thats one part Spawn and one part The Punisher. We dont get much of the characters back story in this first issue, but there is a connection between the vigilante and a scientist who's targeted by a mafia-like gang.

As I mentioned, Rayner doesn't touch on the back back story much, but the comic is very well scripted (I promise that comment makes sense. Read it, you'll understand), and written to the point that I have a confidence in Rayner and his intent to fill the voids in future issues. The solid writing combined with the great art reminiscent of Miller's Dark Knight with a bit of influence from Dave Gibbons' work on the Watchmen. Mr. Rayner, compliments his writing by creating very dark and gritty metropolitan landscapes, which as a fan of characters like Batman and Spawn, I really dig. This books definitely has me intrigued, and I'll be on the lookout for book 2. You can get a copy of 'Icepick #1' HERE or through Todd Rayner by finding him at a con or on Facebook. 

Another solid creator owned comic submitted to us, is The Space Heists Of Vyvy & Qwerty. This fun read is written and created by Niall Presnall, with art from Carlos Trigo and Osmarco Viladao.

This one was a fun read about Vyvy, a sarcastic, bombshell of a smuggler alongside her partner in crime, Qwerty, who we join mid mission. The mission: to find Qwerty the cyborg's creator. The plan goes weary, setting a wild chase in motion, and hopefully more books in the series.

The thing that stands out and intrigues me about this comic is the homages to many of our favorite stories and franchises from Robin Hood to Firefly to Star Wars and more...especially Star Wars as Vyvy and Qwerty feel like a tribute to Han Solo and Chewbacca specifically. 

I love the well written, sarcastic, innuendo laced dialogue, which gives us a sense who these characters are, without having to  push much backstory. That paired with the bold, anime inspired artworkb really make The Space Heists Of Vyvy And Qwerty work. I think Preanall, Trigo, and Viladao have a solid series budding here. Go grab a copy of The Space Heists Of Vyvy & Qwerty on Comixology and check out their Kickstarter to get book #2 published: 

I also mentioned a film project in the "crowd funding" stage of production...

Check out the GoFundMe for the film 'Preacher Six'. This film is an action-thriller produced by and starring Kyle Hester. Kyle is known for starring in Alterna Comics' 'The Chair', and the currently filming 'Zombie With A Shotgun'.

'Preacher Six', according to IMDb, "is a film about a small town preacher, who is brought to the city to fight evil "in a literal sense".  This one is slated to have an awesome cast including Carmen Argenziano (Godfather 2), Bill Oberst (Criminal Minds), Naomi Grossman (American horror Story), Zach Galligan (Gremlins) and Hester. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself. Personally, I want to see this one made, so lets push the GoFundMe campaign! Have a look and consider supporting it here:, and check out this trailer:

Stay tuned here at for more "Cool Projects", and if you want to contribute to the site (covering conventions, doing reviews, or anything relevant to the nerdy/pop culture theme), or  maybe know of a project we should mention, get in touch!

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