Monday, March 13, 2017

ECCC 2017 Recap

Another year at Emerald City Comic Con has come and gone, and this year I decided to take a more laid back approach to the show coverage, but still share a ton of fun pictures with my people (That's you guys!).  I also connected with a few comic creators that have some really cool projects out or in the works that we'll post about in the coming weeks. Stay tuned 

The weekend pretty much started in the Funko booth line to snag a few exclusives! 

I always dig the giant POP figure at the Funko booth. This year brought a big Eleven, from Stranger Things.
Awesome Jelly Belly art!!

Busy Busy
 My favorite part of ECCC is the stellar Cosplay!

New best friend?

Loved this horror group!

This Battle Armor Sally costume is done by my friends/crew at PNWSFX...Go to to see the steps in the build.
Had to go back to Eleven and get some of her Eggos
The Lego area is always a favorite! I brought my young sidekick a couple days of con, and I think this was here favoite part!

One doesn't NOT take a selfie with Lego Batman!

We saw a lot of this last year, but there was a ton more new Lego displays!!

More wonderful cosplays!

Hanging with our friend, Batman/TMNT colorist, Jeremy Colwell. We did an interview with him a little while back. If interested, Click HERE to check it out.
Our hotel room was under attack by dinosaurs too!

And even more awesome cosplays!

Go follow my friends at Black Opal Cosplay!

One of my favorite writers, Scott Snyder signing his latest book, AD After Death, which we should post about soonish.
The Star Wars area is bigger than ever! 


Goofy Caca Cosplay's "Cowboy Wonder Woman was pretty creative! Go check him out at Goofy Caca Cosplay on Facebook
My highlight of the weekend! Meeting the one and only, 16 time World Champion, the Nature Boy Ric Flair! Yes, he was indeed stylin and profilin! Whoooooooooooo!!! Flair was one of my bucket list to meet people!
Also ran into Dennis Hopeless, who was at the Boom Studios booth promoting his WWE comic. You all know I'm a wrestling fan, so I had to check it out.

These covers are awesome!!!!

Another highlight, was meeting the super talented youngster, Millie Bobby Brown, who portrayed Eleven on the hit series, Stranger Things! She was a really enthusiastic and sweet kid.
Valiant really brought their A game this year, with a ton of great books to promote and even a surprise guest....

Jason David Frank! The Green Power Ranger. He was on hand supporting his Bloodshot cover, and the upcoming Bloodshot live action movie. He was really cool dude. I will post about this book soon too!

Last but not least...I couldn't go to a con without the mandatory Jerikanda and thestevestrout selfie! We were fortunate enough to be joined by the lovely Abi Sue Cosplay too! Click on their names and follow them both!! Tell them I sent you!!

Overall a great weekend. As mentioned, I should be posting about a few comics soon. I'm always looking for contributors to this site too. If you wanna review comics (or other media) or report on conventions you attend, get in touch.

My next couple conventions will be Supernatural Celebration in Seattle, and Crypticon. Crypticon wil be huge for me as a fan, because I will finally get to meet George A Romero. Romero did the original Night Of The Living Dead, my favorite horror film of all time, and has been on my bucket list of people to meet! It's going down.

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