Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our upcoming convention appearances...

With convention season ready to take off, I figured we should share a tentative list of conventions and events myself, www.thestevestrout.com, and our friends will be covering and attending over the coming months.  Keep in mind these are tentatively schedule. The confirmed shows will be in bold print. Come hang out or say hi at these events!

Emerald City Comic Con (www.emeraldcitycomiccon.com)- Seattle, WA  3/27- 3/29

Norwescon (www.norwescon.org) - SeaTac, WA 4/2- 4/5

Sakura Con (www.sakuracon.org)- Seattle, WA 4/3-4/5

Crypticon (www.crypticonseattle.com)- SeaTac, WA 5/22-5/24

Anglicon (www.anglicon.com)- SeaTac, WA 7/12-7/14

Galacticon (www.galacticon.org)- Seattle,WA  7/31- 8/2

Comic Book Swap Meet - Port Angeles, WA August 2015

Supernatural Con (www.creationent.com/cal/supernatural_van.htm)- Vancouver,BC, Canada 8/28-8/30

PAX Prime (www.paxsite.com) - Seattle, WA 8/28-8/31

Rose City Comic Con (www.rosecitycomiccon.com/)-Portland, OR  9/19-9/20

Bellingham Comic Con (www.bellinghamcomicon.com/)- Bellingham, WA October 2015

Jet City Comic Show (www.jetcitycomicshow.com/)- Tacoma, WA 10/31-11/1

More tba, and if you know of any good shows in the Northwest that you'd like us to cover, let us know!!

Our own convention season kicked off on January 31st with the Comic Book Swap Meet, produced by yours truly. We posted a bunch of photos from the show, and got great reviews and would like to share a couple with you all as well...

Here's one from Port Townsend, WA resident Stephanie Cooley:
"Having missed my chance to check out the Comic Book Swap Meet last year, I was determined to make it this time! I was a little saddened by the absence of the TARDIS, but was comforted by the friendly, open manner of everyone in attendance. All of the artists were really wonderful to talk to, happy to share their work and explain technique. Talking to these incredibly talented artists, it becomes clear how dedicated and hard-working they all are. Now, I must confess that I’m not much of a fan of comic books. (Gasp!) But, I am absolutely fascinated by the skill required to create them!

The Comic Book Swap Meet had a little something for everyone. Whether you’re into Superheroes, Anime, Star Wars, X-Men or Pok√©mon, you’d have found something to stop and marvel at! For me, it was a golden C3P-O, waving from a far shelf. If the swap meet had been a two day event, he’d be standing on my coffee table, fussing over something right now. Alas, he is not. So, I will definitely be attending the next Comic Book Swap Meet in search of him..."

We also got a great shout out from comic creator and veteran of the convention scene, Donna Barr, which you can check out at her website:   http://donnabarr.blogspot.com/2015/02/little-comicons-spreading-on-peninsula.html Go check her out and support indie comics!!

We will post more of these as we get them!!! Gonna do a new giveaway very soon, so keep spreading the word about www.thestevestrout.com!!!

Steve Strout is the media mastermind behind this site, host of the Comic Book Swap Meet, nerd, terrible artist, gamer, convention goer and comic book reader who spends more time rescuing toys from thrift shops than a normal adult should. He is also known around the northwest for his promotion of live music and stand-up comedy events and is the creator/producer of the Comic Book Swap Meet mini convention, and Olympic Peninsula Comedy Competition (which will make it's big return in 2015). Follow him on Instagram at http://instagram.com/thestevestrout, and  He can be reached for comments at ptcomedy@yahoo.com on twitter at @thestevestrout