Monday, February 9, 2015

Comic Review: Burger Boy by Gerrit DeBremme

I recently had the pleasure of reading one of the most unique indie comics I've come across. A good friend and comedian from my stand up comedy promoting days, which aren't over by any means, told me a little while back that he had been working on this comic book a while. Well, I promised him I'd post a little blurb about it here at Well, he finally got it finished and is making it available here in the U.S. in the next couple weeks. Oh, did I fail to mention that he's from Belgium, which makes this extra cool. Track down a copy of Burger Boy, by Gerrit De Bremme!

It took me a little while to get to reading the comic, but I'm glad I finally did! Burger Boy is the story of a man with a craving for a hamburger. Plain and simple. He has a he'll of a time finding one , as you'll see if you check out the comic, and you probably should. His burger search takes him on a journey led by his foul mouthed stomach, to satisfy his hunger. Yes, I did refer to his stomach as foul mouthed! His stomach acts as it's own character in the book If it sounds weird and off the wall, thats because it is.

Gerrit shows off his comedic chops in his debut book as expected with his background as a standup comedian. He is also a fantastic cartoonist, as you will see in his straightforward and clean approach to his art. I'm definitely a fan (I actually have a couple pieces of his art hanging on my wall) and glad to call him a friend. I hope he follows up Burger Boy with another story. A guy might need dessert, right?

You can find a copy for yourself direct from Gerrit at