Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Comic Reviews: Gotham By Midnight and Secret Six

Review By Joe David Thompson
I've still been in a turkey coma, so we're going to be talking about my favorite books from these past two weeks, ok?  Wait, you don't get a vote!

Gotham By Midnight is another book in DC's latest slate of offerings that dig for deeper stories that a rich setting like Gotham City has to offer.  I've already sang the praises of Gotham Academy and Arkham Manor, so I wasn't too shocked by how much I enjoyed this book.  Gotham By Midnight is a part horror, part supernatural book that stars an off the books GCPD operation tasked with investigation the strange and unusual crimes in Gotham.  Think of a cross between the X-Files and Warren Ellis' excellent comic Fell, and you've got the basic idea here.  Writer Ray Fawkes does a bang up job with this first issue, introducing the characters with clumsy exposition, while building the creep factor well.  Art duties are covered by the inimitable Ben Templesmith, who I think we can safely say has been delivering iconic work.  This book fits perfectly in Templesmith's wheelhouse, and he does stellar work.  This is one I don't plan on missing.

If you've been part of the fan base clamoring for DC to revive the Secret Six, then this past week was a good one for you.  Gail Simone returns to the title with this latest reinvention of the group.  Details surrounding this book have been very secretive, so I won't spoil anything here, but it's safe to say that Simone has another winner on her hands.  This first issue swiftly introduces us the Six, as they awaken in a locked room, possibly somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.  What follows is some psychological torture a la the Saw films, and the idea that someone is manipulating these people.  I'm a fan of just about anything Simone gets her hands on, so I was onboard when this was announced, and she doesn't disappoint here.  I love how we meet and learn about these characters as they deal with impossibly high stakes right off the bat.  Ken Lashey is on art duties here, and he makes the panic and claustrophobia leap off the page.  Buy this now.   

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