Sunday, June 2, 2013

Crypticon 2013...

Finally over that Crypticon hangover, and figured I oughtta share some pictures and stuff from the convention.

  So Crypticon 2013 happened last weekend, May 24- 26 at the Seattle airport Hilton and Convention center. I was asked to help run a booth for Len Enders' Toxik Idols project, which is awesome! Check my last post for the Q&A session I had with Len, and learn a little more about the project. It was basically the Toxik Idols "public" debut, and it got a positive response from the people! Looking forward to working with Len at more conventions! I'm not usually on that side of the table, but got to talk to a lot of people, make new friends (including the Horror Honeys), and straight up had a blast!

  I wont get to deep into the convention, but will say that my highlight of the weekend was getting to chat all weekend with Lew Temple and Vincent Ward aka Axel and Oscar from the prison on the Walking Dead!! Those dudes were some of the coolest people I've ever met at a convention!! Meeting Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elvira, was awesome too!

 OK..Here's some pics!
The Official Toxik Idols booth!! April, Len, and John just kicking back...
Other side of the table. This was different, but way cool! That's Eloise Knapp across the way. She's a great local writer and publisher of Z Magazine...look it up on her site!

Me! Pimpin' at the Toxik Idols booth!

Keeping the booth safe...

Spooky people checking out the Idols booth!

This lovely zombie couple stopped by the booth as well.

Here's some of the cool stuff and awesome celebs that were at the show!

Tyler Mane! Dude was Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, and even cooler, Sabretooth from the X-Men movies!
Original Gangster, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson from Black Caesar, From Dusk til Dawn, and the hilarious (as far as I'm concerned) Starsky and Hutch remake.

This creepy fucker!

The Artist alley filling up with fans on day one.

The still lovely, Cassandra Peterson aka the one and only Elvira!

The Monster man himself...Cleve Hall! His show is coming back soon!

Cleve's way too early Q&A session...He's a very interesting dude!

Me and Josh Stewart from the Collector, Dark Knight Rises, and the Walking Dead web series. Though he comes off like a regular dude, This guy is going to be a household name! Do yourself a favor and follow him on twitter, click here
My new friends, Lew and Vincent. If you get a chance to meet these dudes at an event, DO IT!!
Lew and Vincent posing at their panel! Couple of sharp dressers I must say...Way different than the prison duds! haha

A little background music provided by memebers of the heavy metal opera, Arakus..check out their site!

Hope ya enjoyed the pictures. I enjoyed taking them, and enjoy sharing them with you all even more! Keep your eyes open for other fun events I will be covering, including next weekends Steampunk Fest in Port Townsend. I do have a couple interviews lined up including one with a Walking Dead walker, that might actually tie in with a contest/giveaway!

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Talk to you geeks soon,
Steve! last thing...If anyone is interested in contributing to this page, be it movie, comic, book, or game reviews, or just do a guest post, hit me up! Any ideas or suggestions, let me know! This page is for all of us, even though my name is on it! ;-)