Sunday, March 10, 2013

Convention Season is upon us.....




I attended Wizard World Portland Comic-Con and Emerald City Comic-Con in the last two weeks, and spent the majority of the time meeting guests and collecting autographs. Im just going to share some pictures so you can see the good times to be had at these kind of events.

I do have a shitty story about Portland though!

The show took place Feb 22-24th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. Im not gonna say a lot about this show. It was well ran, had great guests and vendors, but an incident left a bad taste in my mouth.

We stayed in possibly the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. I mean, the place didn't even have towels in our room, and when we asked for them, they said "maybe they could find some"! We went with it because it was right across the street form the Convention center. Anyways, we checked out of our room Sunday morning and locked all of our merch we bought the previous two days, in the car. We went in to the Con, which as I prior mentioned, was directly across the street. Checked out Brent Spiner's panel and took another walk around the con floor. About 2 hours total. When we went out to the car to take our 5 hour trip home, we found a window broken out, and all of our bags stolen. My friend lost his laptop. I lost signed comics, art prints, toys, and photos by Stan Lee, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Lou Ferrigno, Brent Spiner, and Morena Baccarin, as well as half of my wardrobe (which is why you will notice me wearing almost the same gear in every pic..haha). Such a bummer. It happens, but still very upsetting. Oh well, enjoy a few pictures...

Michael Rooker aka Merle Dixon

Lady Punisher by the very lovely Joanie Brosas. Do yourself a favor and follow her on Facebook.. Joanie's Facebook
Chicks dig stormtroopers
Chicks dig me...

The stunning Morena Baccarin interacting with her fans.

So excited to meet her, even though my signed photo got stolen.
Brent Spiner signing for his fans.
Yup he was Data on TNG

Superheroes everywhere, but none to save our car from being broken in to.
Very nice Boba Fett costume

ummmm....Just put down the scissors


Great seat at the Stan Lee panel...This is why I bought the VIP package!

The one and only, Stan Lee! I was star struck. This photo was in my stuff that got jacked. I talked to a guy at the Celeb Photo Ops, the pros who did the shoots for the convention, and they printed me a new copy! That is good business. If your at a Con and Celeb Photo Ops is the official photographer, dont hesitate to kick down a little extra for that photo shoot with your favorite celebrity. This company is a real class act. Like them on Facebook too! Celeb Photo Ops

The Fonz!

Mandalorians everywhere

I wanna be a Mandalorian when I grow up.

My bro John and a Stormtrooper, cuz John digs stormtroopers too!

Dont know this guy? Any help? Cool costume, I must say...
Unfortunately, this is what we came out of the Convention Center to find...Broken glass and no luggage!

The following week....

The following weekend was the Emerald City Comic-Con, where I had a much happier outcome! Enjoy...

Long lines to get in!!!
Still Waiting...
Almost there...
Pretty cool old school Wolverine I must say!!

Nice Cap cosplay...

The Batman


This might be one of the coolest things ever! Soundwave was fuckin' huge!

Of course R2 was the center of attention!

friggin showoff

I always thought Wonder Woman should have tattoos! This badass chick agreed!

Nicely made Jubilee costume
Hellboy creator Mike Mignola signing for his fans...

Artist on my personal favorite series, The Walking dead, Charlie Adlard! I had to stalk this guy around the convention center because his signing lines kept getting capped off! Being me, I managed to find him and get my books signed!!

My buddy Mark Rahner, writer of another awesome zombie comic series you should read called Rotten! If youre not reading it already, find it!

New 52 Batman writer, Scott Snyder. Definitely one of the best.

Former Mad TV cast member, voice actor extraordinaire, and dude who gets smoked in Pulp Fiction, Mr Phil Lamarr!

One of the funniest motherfuckers in the land..and Brian Posehn

Awesome Zombie print from my friend and Pokeweed creator, Drew Pocza..Check back in my archives for a Q&A and more info on Drew...

Wil Wheaton with a fan made cape...Unfortunately I didnt get to talk to Wil this time. Way too busy chasing Charlie Adlard around ECCC...

The very highlight of the last two weekends, was meeting the wonderful Felicia Day!

Dustin Nguyen doing sketches for fans..Amazing artist, and a really nice guy.

The Toy Hunter himself, Jordan Hemborough! This dude has possibly the coolest job ever. Buying and selling toys!! Him and his crew were on site filming an episode of the show. New season starts in April..