Sunday, June 2, 2024

Cool Projects 45

It's time for another Cool Projects post from yours truly. This time, here in 45, were gonna do a couple "mini-reviews" of some recent stuff I've had the pleasure of viewing in the recent weeks. I've watched quite a variety, as you'll see.

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Let's go! 

First thing I checked out was an indie film called Beneath Us All, directed by Harley Wallen, and starring Sean Wallen (The People Under The Stairs and Twister) as the shitty foster dad, Angelina Danielle Cama (An Intrusion and Ash and Bone) as Julie, and Yan Birch (The Devil's Left Hand) as Frey the vampire.

Beneath Us All tells a story of Julie, a foster child who is coming up on her 18th birthday, and an escape from the 'less than ideal' conditions she's in. After a run in with her abusive foster dad, she stumbles across a secret in the woods, a man or more like, a creature in a frail state. Julie, being one to look after others as she does with her foster siblings, takes in the mysterious man, and finds out his secret. His secret need to feed on blood, like a vampire.

The creature grows stronger as he feeds, which changes the trajectory of her situation as well, as we find out in the ending...spoiler alert...she becomes a vampire , and get revenge on the abusive dad! Very satisfying ending to a decent film. 

Overall I enjoyed Beneath Us All. It was a solid story, and quite well shot. I was quite impressed. My only gripe was the from the vampire actor.  He looked great as the creature, but something just felt off about the performance. I kinda want to see a prequel, so we can dig more into the vampire's story, allowing the actor to redeem himself, which I don't doubt he can do. 

I still recommend giving this a watch, especially if you'd like a slightly different take on the vampire mythology. 

Next up I watched The Meathook Massacre Animated Series Volume 1. This collaboration between SoCal Cinema Studios and Dustin Ferguson with Rik Schmidt's Alchemist's Cat Animation studio, carries on the story of the cult horror series, Meathook Massacre

This animated series, though not perfect, is all produced/directed by Rik Schmidt,  features everyone's (I'm sure a few of ya at least) favorite masked hook wielding killer, up to his usual slasher shenanigans. You will appreciate the heart Rik put into producing this well done animated series (kudos to the voice performers too), and will absolutely appreciate the blood and gore one would expect from the Meathook Massacre franchise. Find out for yourself and grab a copy of Meathook Massacre The Animated Series Volume 1 at You'll have to dig to find, but its worth the hunt.

If there was a late night horror version of Adult Swim, Meathook Massacre The Animated Series would be the centerpiece. Rumor has it a volume 2 is in the works. Bring it on!

Let's wrap this post up with a blurb about the film New Life from Vertigo Releasing and writer/director John Rosman and stars Sonya Walger (For All Mankind and Lost), Hayley Erin (Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists and General Hospital) and Tony Amendola (Rebel Moon Pt I and Annabelle). 

New Life is a horror/thriller about Jess, played by Hayley Erin, being on the run for what she thinks is murder, but little does she know, shes a carrier of a highly contagious virus that's leaving a wake of death with all who come in contact with her. 

She is being followed by a fixer for a secret organization played by the phenomenal Sonya Walger, who im not familiar with, but will definitely be keeping an eye on. Her character, while in the midst of the chase to catch Jess, and stop the spread and outbreak of this virus which could have apocalyptic consequences, is battling another personal diagnosis, which might be adding another, more personal level to her motives.

New Life provides a thrilling ride from beginning to end, while we as viewers piece together the story and figure what and why this chase is happening. The film is beautifully shot, and wonderfully scored, leaving many silent moments that allowed the cinematography to really tell the story. The cast, though as mentioned, I wasn't familiar with most of them (except maybe Tony Amendola, who is one of those familiar faces we have seen a hundred times, though I had to look him up.), were stellar. I HAVE to shout out Ravenous Studios for their exemplary effects and makeup work on the infected victims. That shit was gnarly!!

I feel like New Life is very much worth tracking down. Its already won the Audience Choice Award at the Heartland International Film Festival, and I'm guessing that's just the beginning.

If you're in the UK New Life is going to be available to stream on June 3rd, so don't let this one fly under the radar! I'm not sure when it's US release is, but stay on the lookout. 

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