Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Cool Projects 43

Every so often I like to drop a few current or upcoming projects that intrigue me, with my "Cool Projects" series. Whether it be a new comic book, novel, artist or film, and it falls under the horror and pop culture umbrella, I'm interested.

This Cool Projects edition, I'm going to feature a few movies that are in some stage of production or funding, featuring some favorite actors and actresses in the indie horror scene that I highly recommend. Lets jump right in...

Curtains For Christmas

Silver Spotlight Films is currently in the funding stage for their upcoming Christmas Horror-Comedy from writers Aleen Isley and Steve Rudzinski. We know Steve Rudzinski best as the creator of the popular 'Caroushell' series, and for being the first winner of the "Best Amityville" category in Fangoria Magazine's CHAINSAW AWARDS! 

He was also chosen as the best filmmaker in Pittsburgh, and with that history of filmmakers from the area, you know this dude has something solid in the works....and who doesn't want more christmas horror flicks!?

This campaign wraps on March first, so I urge you to hurry and contribute so they can make the best film possible.

Visit the campaign here Curtains for Christmas by Steve Rudzinski — Kickstarter

Air Fryer Slaughter

Feel free to call me partial since I've worked with MMH Productions on numerous occasions, but I'm genuinely excited about this one. Matthew Mark Hunter aka MMH is teaming with indie film supporter extraordinaire Matt Skinner to make one of the most absurd yet interesting films in Air Fryer Slaughter.

Yep, it's about a possessed air fryer going around killing folks, featuring a who's who of indie horror performers like Lloyd Kaufman and Jessa Fluxx. Who wouldn't be into this movie? It's filming as I type this, but the campaign in on demand at Indiegogo, so go chip in! Also...I might just be in this one...

Go get the scoop Air Fryer Slaughter | Indiegogo

Only Fangs

Speaking of Jessa Fluxx, it was recently announced that she will be in the next move from Paul Ragsdale entitled Only Fangs.  

She returns, along with Drew Marvick, Kansas Bowling and others from Ragsdale's popular acclaimed Murdercise, from last year. I'm sure with the cast Paul's assembling, were gonna get another classic with Only Fangs. 

Once more details come out about this one, I'm sure you'll hear about it from me.

A campaign is launching next month for the film, so for the time being, keep up on the latest by joining the Only Fangs Facebook group at www.facebook.com/onlyfangsmovie 


I want to give a quick shoutout to Ron Ford and his upcoming film, Frankenstein's Confession, which we discuss on an upcoming episode of The Steve & Crypto Show. more info on his campaign at Frankenstein's Confession | Indiegogo 

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