Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Guest Post: Josh Cook Talks The Cult Of The Lamb Video Game


Welcome to the dark (yet still adorable) side of the animal kingdom. Cult of the Lamb is what the bastard love child of Nintendo Switch hit Animal Crossing and H.P. Lovecraft would look like, if that kind of thing were even possible in our reality. Do you dare wake the One Who Waits?

Cult of the Lamb is a city builder and rogue dungeon crawler rolled into one lovely and twisted video game. You take on the role of the Little Lamb as they are about to be sacrificed to stop a powerful and dangerous being. Unknowingly to your executioners, your sacrifice brings you directly to the One WhoWaits, where you are tasked with creating a cult and destroying the leaders of the Old Faith who have locked your master away.

Cult of the Lamb is split into two game play types, the first being a city-builder that requires you to erect buildings and help provide for followers’ needs. You will be asked to build typical structures like beds, huts, and sick bays to keep your followers healthy and happy. Resources will have to be mined, chopped, and farmed to create and upgrade your buildings. 

You will also have to ensure your followers continue to have faith in you and your teachings. This can be done through daily sermons, interactions with each follower, and dark rituals that generally use the bones of your dead enemies as a main ingredient. Ya know, just more typical city-management duties. As your cult grows, you will have to choose doctrines for your followers to follow that can offer uniqueboosts (sometimes at a cost) to your cult, create holy artifacts, and maybe even sacrifice a follower or two. 

The second leg of Cult of the Lamb is a rogue dungeon crawler through horrifying forest areas. You will have to make your way through each of these areas many times to unlock the final bosses, collect blueprints for decorations, and to find a ton of followers. Every time you enter a battle area, the map is randomly generated, making it different each time you go through. Battling the variety of heretics you will face is pretty straight-forward real-time battling with lots of hacking and slashing. As you battle through each area, make sure you explore all rooms. Other than a bunch of bad guys, you can find tarotcards that give you boosts, extra followers, and even meet some new characters. 

There is already one paid DLC pack available that adds extra followers styles and more decorations for your cult. Developers have promised free update and DLC packs in the future. Cult of the Lamb is digitally available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Steam. Preorders are available for physical collectors copies that include all kinds of goodies. 

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Josh Cook is a father, geek, and freelance writer. Josh created the zombie series Zombie ACRES, as well as writing for clients all over the world and contributing to blogs, podcasts, and websites for years.Recently, he has been focused on his work with the homeless with a local non-profit organization.