Saturday, April 10, 2021

Cool Projects #38

Hope you all have been enjoying what we are doing with our podcast, The Steve & Crypto Show.  We are really proud of what the show is evolving into. Considering the fact that Caleb (aka Crypto Zoo) had no idea what were doing, we feel it's growing into a fun show. Be sure to listen to the older episodes too, as you might meet some interesting creators on The Steve & Crypto Show.

We're enjoying our attempt at entertaining you folks! With that being said...

Here are a couple recent or upcoming comics you guys might dig!

This new series I checked out from Boom Studios, has piqued my interest! Proctor Valley Road #2, follows a group of friends, wrongfully accused for some missing boys, back to a haunted stretch called Proctor Valley Road on theor mission to clear their names.

We see a lot of spooky shit in a short time in Proctor Valley Road #2, so if you're into a good supernatural adventure, you definitely gotta check this out! 

Though I need to circle back as I missed issue 1, to see how this story begins, I'm intrigued where Grant Morrison and the creative team of Alex Child (BBC’s Holby City), Naomi Franquiz (Tales from Harrow County) and Tamra Bonvillain (Once & Future) bring us with this limited series via Boom Studios!

Beasts Of Burden is an Eisner Award winning series the USA Today says is ''For pet lovers and enthusiasts of supernatural mysteries, the series is an absolute must... ''

I haven't read any Beasts Of Burden, but a quick glimpse into this new run, and a synopsis describing it as a blend of humor, history and the occult is enough for me to check it out asap! Have any of you read any of this series from Dark Horse Comics?

Are there any comics, or other "Cool Projects" we should mention here or on The Steve & Crypto Show? Whether it be a new book, movie, or what be it. If we dig it, we wanna spread the word about it. 

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