Sunday, November 15, 2020

Cool Projects #37

We've been so busy with the launch of the Steve & Crypto Show, and then Halloween, that we haven't dropped a Cool Projects post in a while, so let's share a few new or soon to be released comics in Cool Projects #37! Some are already available and some soon to be released...All worth checking out! 

I sure have some catching up to do on my comic reading! 

Once & Future (Boom Studios), written by Kieran Gillen, is a great series we featured a while back here about generations of defenders against apocalyptic returns of monsters from the middle ages. 

Epic battle between former allies written by one of our favorite writers, Steve Nile? Yes please! Check out Kick Ass vs. Hit Girl from Image Comics

New series from IDW and Marvel featuring anthology series or thrillers, featuring some favorite Marvel characters. Definitely intriguing enough to check out.

The title of this book from Dark Horse speaks for itself.

Cullen Bunn's take on the Shadowman saga, coming early next year. Bunn is brilliant. Valiant has really been killing it the last few years with their comics!

Another exciting series from Boom! Studios! The Dune: House Atreides comic series has already gone into reprints due to popularity. This series should hold ya over until the new movie comes out...once the world is safe again.

Have you guys ready any of these comics, or do you plan to? What have you been reading? 

Thanks as always for popping by the site...Also...Thanks for the support for the Steve & Crypto Show!

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