Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cool Projects #23

Cool Projects #23 features the release of Psi Lords Psi Lords #1 and a comic tie in to the Netflix Dark Crystal series.

If you are following us on our social media outlets, you've seen me mention the marketing campaign Valiant put together for the new Psi Lords series from Valiant Entertainment. Between the series of book signings and the very unique tip line where you call in to report "sightings" and receive a free gift through your retailer. I thought it was pretty cool.

Courtesy of
Valiant Entertainment
Well, the hype and promo seems to have been worth the effort, as Psi Lords #1 debuted this past Wednesday, and has a ton of potential.

Renato Guedes brings us stellar artwork in Psi Lords, brilliantly bringing together Fred Van Lente's fascinating story of a group of individuals with superhuman powers, imprisoned with no knowledge of who,or what they are, or the powers they possess.

Courtesy of 
Valiant Entertainment
Psi Lords #1 starts with our characters awakening and hearing the voice of Scion, who encourages their use of powers to escape their captors. Scions influence brings them together to work as a team to escape, and fulfill their destiny as possible gods.

This first action packed issue of Psi Lords really sets up a great beginning to an epic saga, but still leaves a great mystery as to who they are, and why these characters exist. I honestly hadn't felt this much of a need to read the second issue of a new series in a while.

Valiant has really been killing it with some of these new series like Psi Lords, Punk Mambo, and the Forgotten Queen. Get out to your local comic shop and grab some of these comics, and while your there, work up a feature on the shop we can share here at

I'm also really looking forward to Netflix's Dark Crystal series, and am beyond ecstatic that Boom Studios is releasing a comic book tie in to the series!

Though the September release is a bit downthe road, I'm already getting hyped up for the show and Nicole Andelfinger and Matias Basla's comic lead in.

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