Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the OK Spiderman...definitely not Amazing

Watched Amazing Spiderman last night. I wouldn't call it great by any means, but I enjoyed it. Thankfully I didn't set my hopes very high. If I had, I might have felt let down. There were some flaws in characters. Very noticeable, If you have followed the comic books. Why no Daily Bugle? Why does Parker show everyone his friggen identity? I don't recall Gwen Stacey being a scientist! And on and on....

Either way I didn't mind the movie. Would I pay $10 to see it again? Maybe (considering I got more than 10 bucks worth of free spidey merch).....next movie Batman. I have no hopes for this one because Christian Bale is a turd of a Batman. Let's hope for a pleasant surprise.

Btw....what was your favorite superhero movie? Best casted hero/villain?