Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crypticon 2012....

Good evening fellow geeks! As I'm kicking back here getting ready to watch Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (Yeah its a real movie!), I figured I'd do some catching up and post a little something about Crypticon 2012. Crypticon took place at the Seatac Hilton this past weekend.
Crypticon is an annual Horror con held here in Seattle that features writers, vendors, artists, and special horror related guests. The show ran Friday-Sunday, though I missed out on Friday's festivities. Things got going for us Saturday morning with a nice long wait for our hotel room to be ready. That delay gave me time to have a co uple cocktails, so it worked out well for me.
Once I had that couple drinks in me and got checked in, I went took a walk through of the convention floor. That's what I like to do at cons. A good walk through to learn the layout, and then make the thorough rounds. I spent the first part of the day meeting the guests I wanted to meet, most notably Doug Bradley, the man who played Pinhead in the Hellraiser movie series. Other guests I made sure to meet were Richard Kiel (from James Bond films and Happy Gilmore) and Dee Wallace (Cujo and the mother on E.T.) Dee was so sweet. I took a photo with her and she told me to "look sexy". I think she liked me, the ol cougar! haha
After meeting the guests I took the time to meet up with old friends and connect with New ones. First of all, I paid a visit to my buddy Robert Elrod. Rob is one of my favorite illustrator/artists out there. You really should look into his work at Also hung out with Josh, the man behind Zombie A.C.R.E.S., a really cool site collecting zombie stories and other cool stuff I was really excited to hear about his comic book he's working on! Looking forward to it, bro! I also finally met the crew from Your Mom Comics, a great indie comic company with lots of potential. We'd been building an online relationship for a while, but hadn't met....even though were practically neighbors! Your Mom Comics will have a table set up at the P.T. comic book swap meet on June 24th, which I will mention later.
Once we were done spending money at the con, we decided to head back to the bar. My good friend and local comedian Jim Kellner met up for a drink. Hadn't seen Jim in months. While at the bar, we also ran on to former WWE star Gangrel! I've been a wrestling fan pretty much my whole life, so hanging with him was pretty Fucking cool. He was a really nice and funny guy. We also had a few mutual acquaintances. Turned out to be a good time. He even gave me a free signed photo....very cool.
Back to room.....order Paul (Love that movie!) again....
Sunday morning...a little hung over...had more money to spend and gifts to pick up at the con, so back to Crypticon! Pretty much made the rounds, bought some really cool prints, including one from the movie the Crow, which I got signed by the creator James O'Barr...I loved that movie as a kid! Overall it was a great little convention which I will attend next year. Awesome artists, cool vendors, fun guests. Lots of cool stuff to see! Only complaint was a bad scheduling for the panels.

Awesome Hellboy cosplay!!
First drink of the con!
Someones been hitting the bath salts!
The sweet Dee Wallace, from Cujo and E.T.
He didnt have candy
If anyone knows this artists name, please remind me...I really dig his sculptures!!
I still cant remember this sculptor's name!
My new drinking buddy, Gangrel!
Sweet costume!
This was the winning makeup in the contest.
The creator of The Crow, Mr. James O'Barr
Pinhead himself, Mr. Doug Bradley!!

Thanks and nerd love to you all!
P.S. I finished Abe Lincoln vs. Zombies...Here's my official review: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is the worst movie that you HAVE to see!! Check out the trailer! Its available in Redbox now!